When Does the Football Season Start?

football season starts

Ever found yourself wondering, “When does the football season start?” Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious, knowing the start dates of football seasons can be crucial. From planning your weekends to participating in fantasy leagues, having this knowledge can make a big difference. Let’s dive into the debate of football seasons across various leagues and regions.

Understanding Football Seasons

Football, known differently across the globe, varies in terms of seasons and leagues. In this guide, we’ll cover the major types of football, including American football and European football (soccer), and the distinctions between professional and amateur leagues.

American Football Season

The NFL is the pinnacle of American football, with its season being highly anticipated each year. The NFL preseason kicks off in early August, featuring a series of exhibition games. The regular season typically starts in early September, running through December. The playoffs begin in January, culminating in the Super Bowl, usually held in early February.

College football also garners significant attention. College football starts in late August or early September and runs until early December. The season concludes with bowl games and the College Football Playoff, leading to the national championship in early January. High school football usually starts in late August or early September, with regular season games running through November.

European Football Season (Soccer)

The Premier League season starts in August and runs through May, with 38 matchdays packed with action. La Liga also follows a similar timeline, beginning in August and ending in May. The German Bundesliga starts in mid-August and concludes in mid-May. Italy’s Serie A season kicks off in late August and ends in May. France’s Ligue 1 starts in August and finishes in May, much like other European leagues. The Champions League runs concurrently with domestic leagues, starting in September with the final usually held in late May or early June.

Other Notable Football Leagues

The CFL season begins in June and ends with the Grey Cup in late November. The AFL season starts in March and ends in September, culminating in the AFL Grand Final. The MLS season starts in late February or early March and runs through October, with playoffs extending into November.

Key Factors Influencing Season Start Dates

Weather plays a crucial role, especially in outdoor sports. Leagues adjust their schedules to avoid extreme weather conditions. Television and media rights agreements significantly impact when seasons start and how games are scheduled. Ensuring players are adequately prepared and fit for the season start is vital for both performance and safety.

The Off-Season

During the off-season, teams hold training camps to prepare for the upcoming season. Player transfers and trades are crucial activities during the off-season, reshaping team rosters. Teams engage with their fan base through various activities, keeping the excitement alive even when games aren’t being played.

How to Stay Updated on Football Season Start Dates

League websites are the most reliable sources for up-to-date season start information. Channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, and Fox Sports provide comprehensive coverage and updates. Follow leagues and teams on social media and use sports apps for real-time updates and notifications.


Understanding when the football season starts across various leagues can enhance your experience as a fan. Whether it’s American football or European soccer, each league has its unique schedule and charm. Stay engaged, follow your favorite teams, and enjoy the thrilling ride that is the football season.

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