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Top 10 Footballers With Most Goals In Soccer

Football, known as the beautiful game, has witnessed the rise of exceptional talents who’ve etched their names in history through their exceptional goal-scoring prowess. These players, with their sheer dedication, skill, and relentless pursuit of excellence, have become synonymous with the art of putting the ball into the back of the net.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – The Goal Machine

Cristiano Ronaldo stands as a testament to goal-scoring excellence. His career has seen him amass over 800 goals across various competitions, dominating leagues in England, Spain, Italy, and beyond. Ronaldo’s ability to adapt and evolve his style while maintaining an unmatched goal-scoring consistency is unparalleled. From spectacular free-kicks to emphatic headers, Ronaldo has redefined goal-scoring in modern football.

Career Overview

Ronaldo’s journey began at Sporting Lisbon and then led him to Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, and eventually back to Manchester United. His hunger for goals and relentless work ethic have been constants throughout his career.

Notable Achievements

Numerous Ballon d’Or titles, league championships, and remarkable goal-scoring records adorn Ronaldo’s illustrious career, solidifying his status as one of football’s greatest.

2. Lionel Messi – Maestro of Goal Scoring

Lionel Messi’s career is synonymous with magical moments on the field and an unparalleled ability to find the net. His dribbling prowess, precision, and incredible vision have made him a nightmare for defenders. Messi has scored over 700 goals in his career, consistently delivering exceptional goals that have been the cornerstone of his career.

Career Highlights

From his early days at Barcelona’s La Masia academy to becoming the club’s record goal-scorer and then moving to Paris Saint-Germain, Messi’s impact on the game has been colossal.

Impact on Football History

Messi’s influence extends beyond his goal-scoring prowess. He has redefined playmaking and inspired generations with his style of football.

3. Pele – Legendary Goal Scorer

Pele’s name reverberates through football history. His career saw him amass over 700 official goals, along with many unofficial tallies. He represented the epitome of Brazilian football, combining skill, power, and finesse on the field that captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

Contributions to Football

Beyond his goal-scoring exploits, Pele’s advocacy for the sport and his humanitarian efforts have left an enduring impact on football globally.

Records and Legacy

Pele’s records, including three FIFA World Cup titles, solidify his legacy as one of the greatest footballers to grace the game.

4. Romario – Prolific Brazilian Striker

Romario’s name is synonymous with lethal finishing and goal-scoring technique. He scored over 700 goals during his career, showcasing a remarkable ability to find the net with precision and flair.

Goal-scoring Technique

Romario’s knack for being in the right place at the right time, combined with his technical ability, made him a nightmare for defenders.

Influence on the Game

His impact on the game extended beyond goals, influencing future generations of Brazilian footballers.

5. Josef Bican – Forgotten Scoring Genius

Josef Bican’s goal-scoring records often go unnoticed in contemporary discussions, but his prolific career stands as a testament to his brilliance. Bican scored over 800 goals, showcasing an incredible ability to find the back of the net.

Historical Context

Bican’s feats in an era without modern amenities and resources emphasize his natural talent and scoring ability.

Legacy and Achievements

Despite being overshadowed in modern narratives, Bican’s records and achievements remain an integral part of football history.

6. Ferenc Puskas – Hungarian Football Icon

Ferenc Puskas left an indelible mark on Hungarian football with his extraordinary goal-scoring style. He scored over 700 goals, showcasing technical prowess and striking ability that made him a legend in the footballing world.

Goal Scoring Style

Puskas’ thunderous shots and precise finishing made him an iconic figure in the sport.

Contribution to Football Culture

His impact extends beyond his goals, influencing footballing styles and tactics.

7. Gerd Muller – Goal-Scoring Phenom

Gerd Muller’s ability to find the net with clinical precision defines him as one of the most lethal goal scorers in history. He scored over 700 goals, showcasing an incredible knack for converting chances into goals consistently.


Goal Scoring Prowess

Muller’s ability to convert chances into goals consistently was unmatched during his playing days.

Impact on Football Evolution

His style of play and goal-scoring instincts have influenced future generations of strikers.

8. Eusebio – Portuguese Football Legend

Eusebio’s name is etched in Portuguese football history for his incredible goal-scoring abilities and exceptional talent on the field. He scored over 700 goals during his career, representing Benfica and the Portuguese national team.


Career Achievements

Eusebio’s accolades include multiple league titles and individual awards, highlighting his impact on the game.

Cultural Impact

His legacy transcends football, symbolizing hope and inspiration for his nation.

9. Uwe Seeler – Germany’s Football Legend

Uwe Seeler’s career as a goal scorer and leader for both Hamburg and the German national team solidifies his place among footballing legends. He scored over 700 goals, showcasing dedication and commitment to his clubs and country.

Remarkable Career

Seeler’s dedication and commitment to his clubs and country earned him widespread respect.

Influence on German Football

His contributions to German football laid the foundation for future successes.

10. Jimmy McGrory – Scottish Football Great

Jimmy McGrory’s goal-scoring exploits in Scottish football during the early era showcased his natural talent and lethal finishing. He scored over 550 goals, leaving an indelible mark on Scottish football history.

Jimmy McGrory Goal-scorers
Goal Scoring in the Early Era

McGrory’s achievements in an era with different playing styles and conditions showcase his goal-scoring genius.

Legacy in Scottish Football

His impact on Scottish football remains a crucial part of its history and traditions.


The top 10 goal-scorers in football history have not only left an indelible mark on the game through their incredible goal-scoring abilities but have also shaped the sport’s evolution, inspiring generations of players and fans worldwide.

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