Messi vs Maradona? Who’s Better? Differences vs. Similarities

messi vs maradona

When it comes to highlighting big stars in the world of football, two Argentine players always appear on the lists. Their quality, the results, and the spectacular nature of their game mean that they have become much more than sporting idols. We are referring, as it could not be otherwise, to the greats Messi and Maradona.

We know that comparisons are odious, although we must also recognize that it is inevitable to put these two geniuses face to face, at least to see the differences and similarities between Maradona and Messi. Deciding later which of the two is better is something that we prefer to leave to each one of us.

Play for Barca

Let’s start with the most obvious similarity, which is the fact that both players have worn the FC Barcelona shirt. However, in terms of the amount of time, there is a notable difference since Maradona only spent two seasons at the Blaugrana club. In contrast, Messi has spent his entire professional life defending the colors.

Size and physical shape

When we comment on the differences between Messi and Ronaldo, we highlight how different the two players are in terms of height and size, as well as their build. On the other hand, Maradona and Messi are quite similar in this aspect.

Neither of the players reaches 1.70, which, far from being a problem, has been a great advantage for both of them to stand out on the field. His speed and agility more than compensate for those extra centimeters that his rivals have.

The selection

As is evident, both players have been selected for the national team. And both have worn the same number when they have gone out onto the field. Both Messi and Maradona are part of the group of footballers who have worn the number 10 with the Argentina national team shirt, which has always defined the best of the entire team.

Furthermore, and this is a rather curious coincidence, the two played their first game for the national team facing Hungary. Maradona did it in a friendly when he was only 16 years old, while Messi was on the field for less than a minute because as soon as the match started, he was sent off for attacking an opponent.

The World Cup

In this sense, there is a difference and a similarity at the same time, at least for the moment.

Messi has not yet managed to win the World Cup with Argentina, something that “El Pelusa” did achieve. But they both did it in the Youth World Cup, scoring a goal and being chosen as the best player in the competition.

It can change and become a double similarity if Messi manages to win the World Cup before retiring from professional football since he is still active.

Legendary Players

When it comes to making a lineup of the best players in history, neither of them can be missing. No coach in the world would like to have “the problem” of choosing between Messi or Maradona if both played at the same time. Both have forged a legend both in their teams and with the national team.

Group dependency

In this aspect, there is a notable difference between the two players. Messi is very effective in finishing the team’s interventions, showing himself to be lethal in the last few meters in front of the goal, which has made him stand out as one of the best FC Barcelona players in its entire history, a true idol for the fans and a leader on the field for his teammates. Although there, he also has a weak point, since on many occasions, he has not been able to stand out without the support of the rest of his teammates.

Maradona, on the other hand, was much less dependent and, on more than one occasion, was able to win a game almost on his own, both in the clubs in which he played, especially in Naples, and with the national team.

Goals and records

In this aspect, despite being the two of the best forwards that have ever been seen on a playing field, Messi beats Maradona. The first not only have larger numbers than the second, but also, by continuing to play and accumulate games, they continue to increase even more. Both in leagues and in matches with his country’s team.

In terms of achievements, Leo’s numbers far exceed those of Maradona. On an individual level, the number of awards he has won is very numerous, including 5 Ballons and Golden Boots, some years won at the same time.

Functions in the field

In this there are also big differences between the two Argentine stars. Maradona was always a pure “10”, leaving this position on very rare occasions. Messi, however, feels comfortable in many areas of the field, even as an advanced midfielder with Guardiola’s Barcelona, ​​partly, as we have said before, because he depends quite a bit on the rest of the team and has adapted to playing together, relying on his teammates.

Two big stars

After analyzing some of the differences and similarities between Maradona and Messi, we leave it up to you to decide which of them is the best. What there is no doubt about is that both are extraordinary and have made a place for themselves in the history of football.

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