Learning How To Save a Penalty?

How to Save a Penalty Kick in Football

In football, saving a penalty kick is a challenging task that requires a combination of skill, anticipation, and psychological tactics. Goalkeepers must remain focused and agile to increase their chances of making a crucial save. Here, we provide a step-by-step guide on how you can improve your penalty-saving abilities and become more effective between the posts.


Mental Focus

Maintain a calm and focused mindset before facing a penalty kick. Clear your thoughts and concentrate on the upcoming challenge. Additionally, researching your opponent’s penalty-taking tendencies can provide valuable insights into their preferred techniques and patterns.


Center of the Goal

Position yourself at the center of the goal line to make it difficult for the penalty taker to find an open side. Keep your weight on your toes, allowing you to remain agile and ready to react quickly to any direction.

Observing Body Language

Watch the body language of the penalty taker closely to anticipate the direction of the shot. Pay attention to the position of the shooter’s standing foot, as it may provide clues about their intended angle.

Psychological Tactics:

Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact with the penalty-taker to exert psychological pressure and potentially intimidate them. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance and avoid disrespectful behavior.

Delay Tactics

Strategically delay your setup before the penalty kick to increase the pressure on the shooter. Exercise caution, as excessive delays may result in disciplinary action.

Distracting Movements:

Shifting at the Goal Line

Move slightly to the left or right along the goal line to distract the penalty-taker. Consider incorporating quick steps or jumping jacks to disrupt their focus further.

Physical Technique:

Remaining on Your Feet

Avoid diving prematurely, as it can make it easier for the penalty taker to select an undefended side. If diving becomes necessary, ensure quick and decisive action.

Hand Positioning

Keep your hands near mid-height to effectively react to shots from either side. Leaning your body slightly forward can cover a larger area of the goal, reducing the distance needed to make a save.


Trusting Your Instincts

Rely on your instincts or experience to predict the direction of the shot. Be prepared to react swiftly, even if the shot surprises you.

Post-Save Behavior:


After making a save, promptly get back on your feet in case of a rebound. Choose between refocusing or celebrating based on the game situation.

Celebrating Wisely

Reserve celebrations for pivotal moments to maintain focus and professionalism throughout the match.

In conclusion, saving a penalty kick in football requires a combination of technique, psychology, and the ability to read your opponent. By mastering the strategies outlined in this guide and adapting to different scenarios, goalkeepers can significantly enhance their chances of making crucial saves and impacting match outcomes.

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