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Goalkeeper Gloves: An Extention to The Keepers’ Talent

goalkeeper gloves

The special role of the goalkeeper in the game of football requires talent, the right training, and the right equipment, which requires special goalkeeper gloves, such as those available in many designs from Keepersport. It is the goalkeeper who decides whether a team wins or loses. Teamwork, concentration, flexibility, and mental strength are just some of the most important qualities of a goalkeeper. He must have a good command of the rules and be able to motivate his teammates while maintaining the defensive chain.

The demands on a goalkeeper are great. He has to master passing and shooting techniques just as well as the field players and how they can act. In addition, it is necessary to learn your goalkeeper-specific techniques and strategies. He must be physically and mentally able to follow a game with concentration for 90 minutes in order to take action at the crucial moment. A good goalkeeper needs both excellent fitness and coordination. Fast reflexes are just as essential for the key goalkeeper position as regular technical analysis. The right equipment, such as special keeper goalkeeper gloves, also plays an important role in making the Keeper’s job easier.


The goalkeeper’s specialization in his position is more pronounced than that of the field players. In addition to team training, the goalkeeper receives special training tailored to the requirements of his position. After the warm-up, which strengthens his condition and improves his coordination, the technique is first trained. He learns how to tackle high balls in order to intercept crosses properly and trains in the technique of pushing off the ground and initiating playing techniques. In order to fend off and deflect flying balls, the Keeper perfects diving. Learning one-armed fisting is important for delivering fastballs. Special strategies for parrying low-side shots make it easier for the goalkeeper to react quickly to low corners. During tactics training, the Keeper learns how to have the highest chance of defending against long-range shots. Furthermore, the goalkeeper trains the correct assessment of through passes in order to be able to estimate whether and when he should start running.


In addition to the standard football equipment of football boots, shin guards, and a jersey, a keeper needs special non-slip gloves, such as the many models offered by Keeper. They protect the hands and hand bones when defending the ball. Since they create greater static friction, the goalkeeper can catch and hold balls better, which makes goalkeeper gloves efficient catching aids. The inner surface of modern goalkeeper gloves is 2-4mm thick and consists of an adhesive foam mixture of natural and synthetic latex and other components. To improve cushioning for impact absorption, the inner surfaces have additional laminations.

Soft adhesive foam mixtures provide excellent cushioning, but they wear out more quickly on hard surfaces. Various glove models are therefore offered with different adhesive foams, which are made more robust, for example, by graphite particles. There are special models for use in the rain and in wet places. Goalkeeper gloves have a Velcro fastener, which is often additionally supported with bandages made of neoprene or textile.


The gloves are designed with an outer or inner seam or in a roll finger cut, although the cuts are often combined. The backhand of the glove is designed to allow perfect air circulation, and additional protectors protect the fingers from injuries. At Keeper, you will find a large selection of goalkeeper gloves in the versions listed above to suit your individual needs.

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