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Care and Maintain The Goalie Gloves for A Longer Period

Care and Maintain The Goalie Gloves for A Longer Period

How you rotate and maintain your gloves will determine how long they last. Knowing how to maximize their life expectancy can have a big impact on their performance and durability.

Rotate and Prolong

Rotating between gloves is an effective technique. By having a “practice” pair and a “game” pair, you can reduce wear. As soon as your game gloves begin to wear out, you can switch them to your practice gloves, which will ensure a constant cycle, without any compromise in performance.

Specification for conditions

Think about gloves that are designed for different conditions. Locus Pro Aqua gloves, which are designed to be used in wet weather, will perform well on damp or rainy fields. Turf training may require specific gloves, such as our Locus Pro and Locus Pro blackout over the Pivot line due to their durability.

Wash Routine

Cleaning gloves regularly is essential. After each use, wash your gloves to remove dirt and other debris which can harm the latex. There are many different glove-washing methods, but gentle rubbing in the shower to remove dirt can be sufficient. The temperature is less important than a consistent cleaning routine.

Drying Techniques

The longevity of your clothes is greatly affected by the way you dry them. Hanging them for 24 hours in an airy area is the best way to keep your clothes in great shape. To speed up the drying process, you can use a towel to gently pat them dry.

Avoid these Drying Methods

Some drying methods, such as using direct sunlight, machines, or heat sources like fires (radiators, ovens), may appear to be effective, but they can damage the gloves.

Calculating Replacement Time

The life expectancy of goalie gloves varies depending on the care and use. If you feel the ball in the gloves’ fingers when catching the ball, then it may be time to retire the pair. Due to the learning curves for technique and maintenance, youth goalies may have a different lifespan.

The Storage Issue

It is important to know where you store your gloves in between training sessions. They can be shortened if you store them in an enclosed, damp space such as a soccer bag. Even if you don’t wash them right away, let them breathe in an appropriate area.

Rotating, cleaning, and drying gloves will extend the life of your pair and ensure that they perform at their best.

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