Backyard Soccer Games To Play This Summer

backyard soccer games

We are thrilled to kick-start your sports season in your backyard as the spring warmth beckons! We may not be able to host a World Cup in the summer this year but fear not. You and your family can enjoy the season and improve your football skills while having fun with these engaging backyard soccer games.

1. Musical Football: 

Combine the fun of football and music with Musical Football. The players dribble around the garden while listening to their favorite tunes. As soon as the music stops, it would help if you froze the ball in your hands. The ones who don’t react quickly enough will be eliminated until the winner is determined.

2. Brazilian Brilliance: 

Form a group and play Brazilian Brilliance. Keep the ball off the floor as you pass it between the players. Pass the ball crisply and accurately, or you risk being eliminated. Continue to move the ball until one player is left!

3. Nutmeg Showdown: 

Test your agility with Nutmeg Showdown. The players try to get the ball between the opponents’ legs. This is a great game to show off your deception and skill. Try to outmaneuver family and friends to win!

4. Soccer Tennis: 

Soccer Tennis combines the thrill of soccer with the elegance of tennis! Create a temporary net and court and play the game in your backyard. Keep the game moving by using only one bounce. This is a great way to develop your ball control and reaction skills.

5. Target Test: 

Test yourself! Set up different targets in your yard and see how many you can hit. Practice your precision and accuracy by hitting household items or training equipment.

6. SpirallBall: 

Spiralball is a game inspired by RoundNet, a hugely popular and widely played sport. Spiralball is a game that can be played by two players or more. It’s a great way to warm up or do a lighter workout. You can ping the balls off of the reaction net and try to get them past your opponent while they are also trying to get you out. Spiralball can be played on any surface and is great for teams, friends, and families.

7. Urban Tekkers Pack: 

The Tekkers Pack offers endless entertainment and severe training. Play Tic-Tac Tekkers using the grid of 3 x 3. This is our version of the game but with a football. You can challenge your family, friends, or teammates to see who will win the grid. After you finish using the Tekkers Grid, you can hang it on any goal to create a target sheet.

There’s no end to the fun you can have in the sun, whether it’s dribbling along to music, passing accurately, or testing out your skills at the Nutmeg Showdown. Grab your SpiralBall & Tekkers Pack and gather up your family and friends to play backyard soccer games!

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